Free Essays on Picture of Dorian Gray: The Sin of Dorian

Free Essays on Picture of Dorian Gray: The Sin of Dorian

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The Sin of Dorian Gray

The beauty of Dorian Gray lies within his youth, but ugly of sin. It is said that something is beauitful than it's not confined to realm of morality and immorality. He beautiful people are immoral. So he purse his curiosity of pleasure by using his body. As a temple of beauty his body it used for exotic pleasure for his twisted mind. Also he tried to evade other moral laws to the purse of pleasure.

His soul is unclean of sin and ugliness of a pleasure life. Dorian Gray's innocence's of youthful mind is destroyed. To a corrupt failed life of virtue, but from downfall bad influences. Yet ideal influencing of passion counterbalanced him. There is a contrast in that of age and youth to good vs. evil. The author Oscar Wilde of the novel represents a theme of corruption. Dorian Gray's life goes back and forth of moral and immoral perspectives. Dorian Gray's life style and mind is corrupted as a result of a sinful life. The Picture of Dorian Gray presents the relationship of beauty and morality. Dorian Gray is beautiful and immoral to age that is corrupt together.

The immoral body of Dorian Gray is beauty. For example, he is immorally beauitful, and the portrait morally ugly. From his prayer to tranform to the protrait which bears all, and forever remain young. In fact, his beauty is immoral from it ugliness of horror able trail of self-indulgences. On the other hand, his soul is immoral, but has a twist of innocence in the portrait.

Dorian Gray is totally self-conscious about his beauty. So he lives by a philosophy of life. There is society it is all conventions from fidelity in marriage to charity toward the poor. To be hypocritical cover for people's selfish motives is his weigh. He is ridicules the goals of philanthripy and he's swept away by this logic.

Dorian Gray is a complete aesthete, living his life in search of beauty and pleasure to the exclusion of all moral responsibility. He places no limits on the kinds of pleasures he allows himself. Every act he made was craven and selfish acts. These searches ensure his beauty. He is very aware that youth and beauty is all he is and has therefore he lives. There is a moral conflict between good and evil which result innocence temptation.

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The moral beauty of Dorian Gray lies in the portrait of himself, and an artist to be a beautiful creation, and aimed him to reveal his beauty created that. Although, he is beautiful he has ugly meanings, and it's corrupted with charm. The portrait is his conscience in art so it's the moral life of Dorian Gray.

Moral art is that is well formed to the character of Dorian Gray. Which are selfish, corrupt, arrogance, evil, alter ego, and basically degheneration in ugliness of sins. Basically it holds his guilty mind in the form of a painting. Dorian Gray is counter-balanced by himself and the portrait. The portrait is good, and his self is evil. Dorian Gray is mired in the immorality of his existence, and ruins his self, others lives without qualm.

The portrait imitates the life of Dorian Gray by a distorted face express symbol. It is value in it's owned right, not for it's usefulness. It's aimed as a mirror image of his sins. It is also a clean slate internal moral perspective of his conscience. Dorian Gray tries to run from this ugliness of age and sin thoughout the novel, but resulted in the death of him.
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