Essay The Works of John Courtney Murray

Essay The Works of John Courtney Murray

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John Courtney Murray once said, “It was the force of a great tradition that launched our republic, and I suppose one of the problems . . . is how does this tradition fare today. . . . Back there you did have this extraordinary agreement on basic truth . . . certainly one great truth that lies behind this statement of political purpose—the truth to which customarily refer by saying in Lincoln's words ‘that this is a nation under God’—that political life has a premise beyond itself, a premise that is theological, the existence of God, and then joined with that there is the other truth about man, the essential truth about man, namely that man is a sacredness. . . .” (A Boat Against The Current) This quote essentially describes the main subject area of John Courtney Murray’s academic works and accomplishments; because of his vast works and accomplishments in this field, he is considered to be one of the leading historical and religious figures in the public spectrum. As discussed in class, most of his academic studies and areas of expertise revolve solely around tensions between religious ideals and social issues in public life. That being said, it is not surprising that he was also an important official within the Catholic Church for legal consultations and matters. His involvement with politics and public life also becomes clear and evident based on his education, lifestyle and written literary texts; his most famous literary work being We Hold These Truths: Catholic Reflections on the American Proposition. The following essay will explore his early life, education and his involvement in the political atmosphere, with a close concentration on his most famous work of literature.
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