The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray

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Throughout the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, author Wilde's talks about the influence of

Henry that causing the effect of the Henry characterization toward the point of view regard to

women, marriage and love. In the text, Dorian exposes to the influence of Henry. For instance,

after Sibyl's death incident causing Dorian having an emotional breakdown. At this moment,

Henry offering Dorian some suggestions, however, the reflection of Dorian emotion afterward

can seem a drastic change from sympathy to indifference toward the incident of his lover sibyl's,

thus Henry represented a strong imagine of influences of Dorian. His advise for Dorian can

penetrate deeply goes into his mind.

One way that Lord Henry influences Dorian by using his advised to manipulates him. For

example, "You can come to my sister's box. She has got some smart women with her'' (113).

Wilde's implies that Dorian shouldn't regret about Sibyl death, but rather he should get engage of

knowing other females from his sister's box. Initially, Dorian views the Sibyl's death as his fault.

His presence is the solely reason that behind the death of Sibyl's. Wilde's expresses his view of

women when Dorian's mention '' You are shallow and stupid. My God! How mad I was to love

with you! What a fool I have been"(102). Wilde view that women without any artistic talent are

considered worthless. Another example, Dorian asks forgiveness from Sibyl's before he heard

the news about the death of Sibyl's by writing a letter to expresses his absurd action as sorrow,

regret and forgive ."He covered page after page of wild words of sorrow and wilder words of

pain" (111). The contrast between the Dorian whom have his own thought and the Dorian follow

thoroughly what Henry says can be seen as a greater diverge person. Once Dorian established the

root of what the Henry tells him, and Dorian will follow the road that causing Basil to view him

differently. For example, Dorian responds of '' I met Lady Gwendolen, Harry's sister, for the first

time. We were in her box. She is perfectly charming"(122). Wilde's implies, Dorian is a creature

that easily controlled by the hand of Henry's and he can change his behavior and action after he's

listening to Henry advise of Sibyl's death.

As the novel progressive, Basil engages further conversation with Dorian's. He realizes Dorian's

is not the same Dorian he knew when Dorian says '"A man who is master of himself can end a

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sorrow as easily as he can invent pleasure''(124). Dorian can't make his distinct decision because

he does not stick firmly with his thought at once, but rather he let Henry to manipulate him.

Within several days after the death of Sibyl's, Dorian interpretation of Sibyl's death incident "So

I have murdered Sibyl Vane (113)'' and "Of course she killed herself '' (124). The emotional of

sorrow, regret and forgiveness that Dorian looking for in the letter has disappeared. At first, he

feels sorrow, regret and looking for the forgiveness of Sibyl. Now he's only listening to what

Henry says. This evidence proves love is vulnerable and fragile because Dorian is crying so

badly and certainly he misses Sibly's, but suddenly the situation begins to change at once when

Henry comes and influences him that he completely forgets the feeling of losing his lover.

Wilde's exclaims that love is not always pure and virtue as what they sound like because as

one's gets older, you will eventually find another unfaithful to you. According to the textual

evidence "When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving one's self, and one always ends

up by deceiving others" (68). Wilde's also mention only shallow people think that love is long-

lasting as Henry warns Dorian's .'' My dear boy, the people who love only once in their lives are

really the shallow people. What they called their loyalty, and their fidelity, I called either the

lethargy of custom or their lack of imagination. Faithfulness is to the emotional life what

consistency is to the life of the intellect-simply a confession of failure"(66). Oscar Wilde makes

a point that people who are youth and does not have much love in term of experience, thus

Dorian can easily deceived by others. According to the novel '' In situations of that kind we often

forget to say anything about marriage, and they always remind us"(92). Wilde's view marriage as

a tool to protect a woman's identity and social status because a man who married or somewhat

older can easily find another woman yet if a woman is old or married, it is nearly impossible to

find another match. A marriage can represent as a hope because this if a woman have a legal

protection for herself in case if her husband betray her or cheat on her.

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