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The Importance of Culture Essay

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What is culture? The definition of culture as explained by the English Anthropologist Edward B. Taylor in his work Primitive Culture: “Culture or civilization…is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs, and other capabilities acquired by man as a member of society.” (Atafori). In addition, culture is the habits of people and is an important part of any society. Culture ties people of a community together, gives an individual a unique identity, and serves as the founding principles of one’s life.
First, culture unites people together in a society. Further, culture gives common interests to one another in their society. For instance, Deepa Kartha emphasizes, “Culture is essential for the existence of a society, because it binds people together” (Kartha). Therefore, this common bond is what ties the people together in a group or region. In addition, Goodman’s essay implies, “It provides a powerful bond for personal loyalties and loyalties between peoples” (Goodman). Consequently, people that do not live in the regions where their culture exist will seek out others of the same traditions for camaraderie. Additionally, this bond explains why such regions in the world have communities made up of certain culture; for instance, China Town is a small region in the city of Melbourne, Australia that has all Chinese beliefs, morals, customs, and food. What’s more, the people that work and live in China Town are of Chinese culture.

In addition, the culture of a community gives a person his or her own individuality. Communities will have different language, foods, customs, and traditions, which differentiates one group of people from another. Yutun Li points out that their family’s custom is to make d...

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