Essay on The Government's Response to the Oklahoma City Bombing

Essay on The Government's Response to the Oklahoma City Bombing

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The Government's Response to the Oklahoma City Bombing
The Oklahoma City Bombing affected many Americans, including the President
of the United States. From the start the White House immediately dispatched
the FBI. The initial reaction was to close the airports, but that would
infringe on civil liberties. Government intervention with this tragedy
would help many victims' family members cope with the loss of their loved
ones. Presidential response as well as monetary compensation would
attribute to the healing process. Since the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah
Federal Building many government actions have been taken to prevent another
incident like the Oklahoma City Bombing.
President Bill Clinton put aside his own political problems to give the
nation response to this tragedy. President Clinton had to choose his words
with care while speaking to the media. The Waco tragedy was fresh on the
minds of many and all of America would be listening to his reaction to the
situation. Clinton was very angry about the tragedy and said that the
bombers were "evil cowards" and would be treated like "killers," and he was
so gripped with anger that he wanted to put his fist through the television
screen when he first saw the incident (Carney 66). Even though Clinton was
angry he still dealt with the situation very carefully, knowing that what he
said would affect how millions of Americans would cope with the tragedy.
An act of terrorism is what lead to the Oklahoma City Bombing, this tragedy
happened because someone had different beliefs. What is the government
doing about terrorism? An anti-terrorism bill would give the government an
additional $1 billion to help...

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