German Government Protection of Kurdish Women

German Government Protection of Kurdish Women

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Tearing Down the New Berlin Wall

Throughout modern times, Islam has received the blame for other Sects practices and ideas. In the article “When Rapists Walk Free,” Mukhtaran Bibi received a raping because of a village dispute. Because Bibi lives in Pakistan, Nicholas Kristoff, the article’s author, was led to believe that Hatun’s village was Muslim although in the second sentence of the article, He clearly writes that she lives in the Punjab area of Pakistan. The Punjab region hosts a number of religions aside from Islam. So, by reading the sentence that Bibi received, I clearly know that her village is not Muslim, because nowhere in Islam it says to gang rape a girl because of a village dispute. “The New Berlin Wall,” by Peter Schneider, does the same mistake in confusing another religion with Islam. Hatun Surucu was murdered by her 3 brothers because she started to live like a German. Because this happened in Turkey, the author assumed they were Muslim. Although in the first sentence of the second paragraph, Schneider informed the reader that Surucu’s family was Kurdish. Kurdism is a far branch of Islam that practices many different actions than Muslims and is not to be confused with Islam. So, in response to the prompt, I believe that no, the German government should not interfere with the status of women in their Muslim communities, but they should act out and address the status of women in Germany’s Kurdish communities. The reasons why I believe Germany should address the status of Kurdish women is because the German Kurds are now living in a different nation than their own and if they cant adjust, they should get penalized for it. Also, the government should push nationwide freedom and if Germany doesn’t feel that the Kurdish women in their country are getting the liberty they deserve, it is their duty as a nation to change that.
When an immigrant comes into a country and decides to keep his past culture with him, fighting and deaths are the end result as shown with the Hatun Surucu case. Her brothers kept their Kurdish practices of honor deaths and ended up killing their sister. An example ritual is “Generally choosing the youngest to carry out such murders.” If the Surucu family adapted their Kurdish traditions and accepted Hatun as becoming German, she might not have been brutally murdered. Also, the reason the Surucus immigrated was to find a better life.

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If they keep their own social customs, they are just sticking to their old way of living. Forcing this on one’s kids is an enormous act of greediness as shown in this quote: “The mothers are looking for solidarity by demanding that their daughters submit to the same hardship and suffering.” If you are a parent, you should only want the best for your kids, not the old life you previously escaped.
The world has seen many fights for freedom. So if Germany feels that the Kurdish women are not getting the liberty they deserve, the government should act quickly to change that. Judging how Hatun got treated, Kurdish women are not receiving the freedom of choice that they deserve. This article reflects that. “One brother noted that she had stopped wearing her head scarf, that she refused to go back to her family and that she declared her intent to ‘seek out her own circle of friends’.” In this case, Hatun felt the need to be free from her parents but her parents did not agree so she ended up dead. The German government should learn from this example and allow the Kurdish women to have a sense of freedom under government supervision. This will provide a safe way to address the status of women in Kurdish communities.
I know it is human nature to believe that assimilation is not morally just because an immigrant is not given the right to keep their traditions. However, I don’t believe in forgetting about ones culture, just keeping it to inside his or hers house, because once somebody brings their culture out on the street, trouble starts just like in Hatun Surucu’s case.
Since the Government of Germany failed in giving freedom and protection to the Jews, it is essential that the German government learn from its mistakes and protect the rights of the Kurdish women. The German Government has the job to protect its people and if they fail, they will just keep repeating their devastating past.
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